BMI in spinal cord injury

To determine if your weight is normal, you can calculate your BMI. BMI is short for Body Mass Index and is a measure of weight-related health risks. The BMI value can thus indicate whether a person is at risk for disease due to their weight. Using a simple mathematical formula (right), the BMI value can be calculated and checked against a BMI table.

Unfortunately, the standard BMI table is not adapted for those with a spinal cord injury, less muscle mass, and use a wheelchair. Therefore, special BMI tables have been developed that are adapted for paraplegics and tetraplegics. This work has been done by Anna-Carin Lagerström with colleagues at the Spinalis Clinic in Stockholm; see here. On the right is a calculator that can calculate your BMI value and evaluate the value against the BMI tables for paraplegics and tetraplegics. More text is available to read and download as a pdf.
Improve your BMI by weighing yourself regularly using a home wheelchair scale.

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